XMLUnit.NET 2.10.0

Org.XmlUnit.Builder Namespace


Provides fluent builders for core parts of XMLUnit.

Type Description
DiffBuilder DiffBuilder to create a Diff instance.
IDifferenceEngineConfigurer<D> Subset of the configuration options available for a DifferenceEngine.
Input Fluent API to create ISource instances.
Input.IBuilder Builder for Org.XmlUnit.ISource.
Input.ITransformationBuilder Builds Org.XmlUnit.ISource by applying an XSLT transformation on a different Org.XmlUnit.ISource.
ITransformationBuilderBase<B> Holds the common builder methods for XSLT related builders.
Transform Fluent API access to Org.XmlUnit.Transform.Transformation.
Transform.IBuilder Builder for an XSLT transformation.
Transform.ITransformationResult Possible ways to obtain output of an XSLT transformation.