Class CountingNodeTester

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CountingNodeTester extends Object implements NodeTester
Counts the number of nodes in a document to allow assertions to be made using a NodeTest.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CountingNodeTester

      public CountingNodeTester(int expectedNumNodes)
      Creates a new NodeTester
      expectedNumNodes - expected number of nodes
  • Method Details

    • testNode

      public void testNode(Node aNode, NodeTest forTest)
      A single Node is always valid
      Specified by:
      testNode in interface NodeTester
      aNode - the node to test
      forTest - the test to perform
    • noMoreNodes

      public void noMoreNodes(NodeTest forTest) throws NodeTestException
      Called by NodeTest when all nodes have been iterated over: time to see if all the nodes that were expected were found. Note that this method also invokes resetCounter so that the instance can be reused.
      Specified by:
      noMoreNodes in interface NodeTester
      forTest - the test to perform
      NodeTestException - if expected num nodes == actual num nodes
    • resetCounter

      public void resetCounter()
      Reset the counter so that an instance can be reused for another NodeTest