Interface DifferenceEngineContract

All Known Implementing Classes:
DifferenceEngine, NewDifferenceEngine

public interface DifferenceEngineContract
The pieces of DifferenceEngine's API used by Diff.

This interface allows Diff to switch between DifferenceEngine and NewDifferenceEngine at will.

  • Method Details

    • setMatchTracker

      void setMatchTracker(MatchTracker matchTracker)
      matchTracker - the instance that is notified on each successful match. May be null.
    • compare

      void compare(Node control, Node test, DifferenceListener listener, ElementQualifier elementQualifier)
      Entry point for Node comparison testing.
      control - Control XML to compare
      test - Test XML to compare
      listener - Notified of any differences detected during node comparison testing
      elementQualifier - Used to determine which elements qualify for comparison e.g. when a node has repeated child elements that may occur in any sequence and that sequence is not considered important.